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Get quick answers to some frequently asked questions about our equipment rentals!

Q: How much does a mini excavator weigh?

A: Mini excavators weigh between 5,000 and 14,000 pounds. Most standard-size excavators weigh 38,000-48,000 pounds. Because of their much lighter weight and smaller size, mini excavators are more versatile for yard-sized applications.

Q: What is a telehandler?

A: Telehandler is short for telescopic handler. These machines are used to move heavy materials in building sites and reach elevated worksite areas.

Q: What machines does 4 State Equipment Rental have in inventory?

A: At 4 State Equipment Rental, we currently have the following: Telehandlers Mini excavators Skid steers Loaders Lifts Trailers Many attachments for each machine type We are in the process of vastly expanding our catalog. If the equipment you are looking for is not currently listed, please check back often, as we will likely have what you need very soon.  

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